Continuity, crisis and communication

The fundamentals on which together with organizations we build their ability to prevent, adapt and react.


Pragmatism, efficiency and proactivity:

We are a group of professionals who passionately support organizations in preparing for and reacting to the unpredictability of today's context.
Pragmatism, efficiency, and proactivity guide us in developing, together with the client, tailor-made and innovative solutions designed to enhance their resilience capacity.


Bcm program

We offer a complete range of tailor-made services that cover all the phases of a BCMS cycle: from context analysis to exercising the continuity solutions, through identification of continuity strategies, drafting of plans and management of the BCMS program.

Crisis management and communication

We provide support in defining efficient crisis management processes, in order to help companies prepare for unexpected and destabilizing events. We support organizations in designing and developing effective and timely communication strategies during the a crisis.

Assessment and Audit

We conduct a Business Continuity and Operational Resilience program maturity level assessments, assess compliance with international standards (ISO22301, ISO 22316), current regulations (eg Legislative Decree 285/2013, IVASS) and market best practices (BCI Good Practice Guidelines).

You are not alone:
Bcmaas, bcm as a service

Our dedicated team provides a BCMaaS (BC Management as a Service) that assists the organizations in all strategic, tactical, and operational aspects of creating and managing the Business Continuity program.

We live in an interconnected world:
Resilience of third parties

The current pandemic crisis, the growing occurrence of cyber-attacks, the new challenges deriving from climate change, have highlighted how critical the interdependencies with the third parties are. We provide a supply chain analysis that measures the reliability of suppliers through an integrated approach allowing to design appropriate countermeasures for the identified weak links.

Practice makes it perfect:
Training and simulations

We design and deliver training and awareness initiatives to all company levels, operational simulation sessions (tabletop), exercises and tests, coaching and mentoring through realistic crisis simulation platforms.